Warframe Crossplay, How It Works, And When Is It Coming For PC & Console?

For those of you who didn’t know, Warframe is a free-to-play multiplayer third-person action RPG game that is developed by Digital Extremes. The game has been released on many consoles including PS5 and Xbox series x. Many players are expecting a mobile version. With this new platform, there will come new features like Warframe crossplay and their cross-progression system.

It was last year when Warframe developer Digital Extremes, first announced that they are developing cross-play, cross-save, and the mobile version of the game.

But like we said it was last year at Tennocon 2021. So many players started to think that they will release these features at Tennocon 2022. But sadly that didn’t happen so the player base had to wait a little more.

What are Crossplay and Cross-save?

Crossplay and Cross-save

When it comes to the new generation games crossplay and cross-save are important features and Warframe crossplay is no different.

The crossplay features let players from all different platforms and devices play Warframe together. The cross-save or cross-progression will save your progression on every device which means you don’t have to create multiple accounts.

Even though these features are really interesting and can enhance the game experience, there are some drawbacks. The crossplay system can lead to the imbalance of the game because their crossplay means there will be many situations when mobile players have to play with hard PC and console players.

So before these new features are released they need to implement stable game mechanics.

When is Warframe Crossplay Coming?

The Warframe player community has highly requested the crossplay and cross-save feature. As we have discussed earlier, implementing a major change like this takes lots of time.

Because these new features will not only let players from different platforms play together it will also let them share the same progression on every platform.

Digital Extremes has been exploring crossplay capabilities and balancing since last year. There is a huge possibility that the community testing will start this year and it will be a big step forward for this new feature.

Even though we now know that the community testing will start this year, we still don’t have any date for the official release.

But there’s a big possibility that the crossplay and the cross-save feature will come with the mobile releases because they both were announced at the same time.

So until we have any proper release date, we have to wait and see what Digital Extremes will do next.

Watch Warframe: One Step Closer To Crossplay


In this article, we have discussed Warframe crossplay and cross-save, and when it is coming. Warframe is a popular free-to-play multiplayer RPG game, so Digital Extremes will not rush their crossplay and cross-save project.

Until newer information and news are released we still don’t know when the official releases will happen. But because they have announced that there is a high possibility of community testing.

It’s only a matter of time before Warframe crossplay is released. So now we just need to play the waiting game and see what happens.

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