Theorem And Residual Arcane Warframe Worth Using In 2022?

Theorem and Residual Arcanes were both introduced on 19 November 2020. Since the first release of these Arcanes in update 29.5, Warframe has gone through a lot of changes. The Residual Arcane Warframe had many issues and problems when they were first introduced and the Theorem Arcanes are no exception.

In this article, we are going to discuss if Theorem and Residual Arcanes are still worth using in 2022. We will also list all of the Residual Arcanes and rank them based on how useful they are. So read this to the end, before maxing out their rank. Read about warframe crossplay

What is an Arcane Enhancement?

Arcane Enhancements or in short Arcanes are special types of items that grant buffs to certain equipment after achieving specific conditions in a mission. Many different types of Arcanes can be used on their own assigned set of items. Players can freely install Arcanes and when you unequip or replace Arcanes they will not be destroyed.


Players can also make their Arcanes ranked up by using and destroying duplicate unranked Arcanes that are the same type. When you rank up your Arcanes, their effects are increased. On each successive rank-up of the Arcanes, players need one more additional Arcane than before and the max rank of an Arcane relies on their type.

Introduction of Theorem Arcanes and Residual Arcanes

As we have mentioned before, both the Residual Arcanes and Theorem Arcanes are Arcanes Enhancements, and both of them were introduced in Update 29.5 which was launched on 19 November 2020. The Theorem Arcanes are Warframe Arcanes and the Residual Arcanes are for Kitgun Arcanes.

The Theorem Arcanes has three different sets of Arcanes which are Theorem Contagion, Theorem Demulcent, and Theorem Infection. All of the Theorem Arcanes have a zone effect. And you can find these Arcanes on Arcana Isolation Vaults which are Entrati facilities built deep within Deimos.

The Residual Arcanes have four different Arcanes, which are Residual Boils, Residual Malodor, Residual Shock, and Residual Viremia. Players can also obtain these Arcanes in Arcana Isolation Vaults. Residual Boils deal 80 heat damage, Residual Malodor deal cold damage, Residual Shock deal 200 electricity damage, and Residual Viremia deal 40 toxin damage.

Should You Use Theorem and Residual Arcanes?

If you want to hear a straightforward answer then, no you should not use these Theorem and Residual Arcanes in 2022. The Theorem and Residual Arcanes were both bad and had many issues. But after some buffs and problem fixing this Arcanes are quite good when it comes to low-level enemies but it’s not very effective when it comes to high-level enemies.

Many players were mildly infuriated when they grind hard to max out Theorem and Residual Arcanes and saw they were useless when it came to high-level enemies. Although Theorem Arcanes are not that bad, there are a lot of Arcanes that are more powerful than Theorem Arcanes. So if you want to max out Theorem and Residual Arcanes. It will not be effective for enemies with high ranks.

Theorem & Residual Arcanes Warframe Review


In this article, we have discussed Theorem and Residual Arcanes and whether they are worth using in 2022. We hope this article was helpful and may have saved a lot of your time. Even though Theorem and Residual Arcanes are not bad Arcanes it’s just they don’t have any real use. When it comes to high-level enemies and there are already many better options than them. But we should still have hope, if Theorem and Residual Arcanes get some buffs then they might become worth using.

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