Dying Light 2 Gameplay | How To Play Dying Light In VR ?

Dying Light 2 Gameplay

Dying Light 2 is a fight for a survival game belonging to the horror genre produced by Techland. The game is played from the stance of a first-person. It is extensive in its nature and has exceptional design and variety. Your main enemies, zombies, are more intelligent than the human-AI in the game.

Occasionally you experience that you are more of a runner than a fighter. This game also comes up with a bunch of different types of enemies, be it dangerous Bombers or Volatiles.

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Dying Light 2 takes place in an enormous urban world filled with zombies where few humans are alive on rooftops. Here the region is four times massive than the actual game. The main character of the game, Aiden, has various unique skills. Aiden mainly uses melee-based weapons while fighting. And most special abilities are to be unlocked in the course of the game. It also has the characteristic of the multiplayer mode of four players.

Watch Dying Light 2 Gameplay

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The day and night phenomena are also good, which defines the game. In the daytime, players are able to set traps like spikes gas tanks for the zombies and can avoid the infected easily. During the night, it becomes pretty hard to detect the infected who becomes more powerful during that time. One can skip the night by staying in the safehouse. 

How to play Dying Light in VR?

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Dying Light 2 has had support for VR ever since its release, but it never became the go-to VR game for enthusiasts. Dying Light looks fabulous in VR, and with competent hardware to support it, the end-users love the visual experience. It takes a few times to get conditioned with the VR. You can try out the game in VR mode if you own an Occulus Rift and a copy on steam. 

Step1: First, you have to open your documents files. Directly go to the folder of Dying Light 2. There you must find two files, ‘audio.scr’ and ‘video.scr’. The path should be like this C:/Users/username/documents/DyingLight

SteDying Light in VRp2: Create a new text document and save it.

Step3: Open the newly created text document folder. Then drag the video.SCR file and drop it in that folder.

Step4: If you have done all of the steps mentioned above, enter “OculusEnabled()” at the very bottom of the text. Remember to write this without the quotation.

Step5: Finally, save the document, and you can start your game.

Experiance Dying Light in VR

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Techland studios did include VR support in Dying Light 2, and it even makes sense for a zombie game because players would like the immersive experience. But the practical results outweigh the actual thrill of Parkour and bashing zombies on the run. The playing style of Dying Light heavily relies on Parkour which is fun with a controller or keyboard mouse combo. The intense Parkour induces motion sickness in VR mode as the player is idle, but their surroundings change constantly. Even Tymon Smektala, the lead designer of Dying Light, said that it was both the best and worst game to experience in VR. 

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