List Of All Dog Pokemon in the Pokedex, Electric to fire-types

While there are many different types of loyal dogs and puppy Pokemon to catch and collect in the world of Pokemon, there are many different types of loyal dogs and puppy Pokemon to catch and collect.

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, there’s no denying the impact these real-life animals have had on the Pokemon franchise. Despite the fact that Pokemon is set in a world filled with dragons and legendary beasts, the series has always used animals as inspiration for its designs.

It’s clear that The Pokemon Company adores man’s best friend, as evidenced by the numerous dog Pokémon released over the years. There are many dog-type Pokemon to choose from, ranging from iconic Fire-types like Arcanine to menacing Fighting-types like Zamazenta.

In fact, each game seems to introduce a new dog-themed Pokemon to the series’ ever-expanding roster.

How many dog Pokémon are there?

We’ve combed through the Pokedex and discovered that there are currently 30 canine Pokemon available. The following is a complete list of all the’mon released in each game that falls into this category:

The Complete list of all dog Pokemon in the Pokedex


10 Best Dog-Like Pokémon, Ranked By Power

Many Pokémon are based on dogs, and while some look like lap dogs and others look like wolves, they can be extremely powerful.

In the world of Pokemon, dogs appear to be just as popular as they are in real life. Pokemon trainers can catch a variety of different types of Pokemon throughout their journeys, and many of them have physical characteristics that are similar to dogs.

Trainers could easily assemble entire parties of canine-like Pokemon due to their abundance of them. These Pokemon can be of any type, including Fire, Electric, and Fairy. Every dog-like Pokemon brings something different to the table, thanks to their distinct and distinct designs. These Pokemon make compelling arguments for being included among the best of the bunch.

  1. Arcanine
  2. Zoroark
  3. Houndoom
  4. Stoutland
  5. Boltund
  6. Lycanroc
  7. Manectric
  8. Furfrou
  9. Granbull
  10. Mightyena

Both Pokemon are wolf-like, an animal with a long history in England dating back to the Middle Ages. Both Zacian and Zamazenta appear to be inspired by various aspects of Arthurian Legend, with Zacian possibly referring to Excalibur and Zamazenta possibly referring to Wynebgwrthucher, his shield.

While it’s possible to argue that Pokemon like Eevee belong on this list, the cuddly creature hasn’t been officially designated as a dog or cat Pokemon.

For the time being, these are the only Pokemon that have been designated as man’s best friend.

How are dog Pokémon categorized?

While many Pokemon resemble dogs, we only included those that are described as such in their Pokedex entries. While Entei may appear to be a massive wolf, Pokemon designer Muneo Sait has stated that the silhouette “could look like a dog or a cat.”

Meanwhile, Pokemon such as Smeargle (Doble) have made the list thanks to their Japanese name, which is a combination of dog and doodle. Foxes have been included because they are members of the same canine family.

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