Free Valorant Skins: Tiers, Prices, and Top 10 Weapons to buy

Valorant skins have a uniqueness to them which is unlike any other game out there. Valorant has one of the most vibrant cosmetics, aka gun skins, in the gaming industry. Riot Games have always had a good track record of designing beautiful and cool-looking skins for their games.

Valorant is one of the most popular fps games now. Its vibrant graphics, unique mechanics, abilities, and Agents have made it very popular very quickly. The weapon skins are the icing on the cake for Valorant which is a perfect complement to the game. Here is a guide to knowing everything about skins in Valorant. Here you can find:

  • Valorant Skin Basics
  • How to get free Valorant skins
  • Prices of different Valorant skin tiers
  • How to unlock or buy skins
  • Top 10 Gun skins and Knife skins in 2022
  • How to Unlock Knife and Melee Skins in Valorant
  • How to buy rare and exclusive skins and bundles in Valorant

Basics that you should know about Valorant skin:

Skins in Valorant are just cosmetic items that change or modify the look of the weapons. They do not change the weapons stats in any way. Skins in Valorant are ranked by tiers and there are five of them. The skins of each tier are different from one another and the prices increase as the tiers increase. The Valorant skin tiers are:

Another interesting thing about Valor skins is that they change the entire look and feel of a weapon. Every skin in Valorant has its unique custom animations, sound effects, reload animations, and death animations.

Moreover, some skins can be evolved to further change the look and feel of the base skin. However, not all skins can evolve. The skins can be evolved by using the Radianite Points which can be earned from the Battle Pass Challenges.

Every weapon skin shares its theme with 3 to 5 different weapons in the game.
As of now, there are a total of 494 weapons skins in the game.

How to get skins in valorant for free?

There are a few ways to get free Valor skins. The easiest way is to simply take advantage of the free Battle Pass. Also, you can complete Agent Contracts which get you some more free gun skins in the process. Besides these in-game options, there are third-party apps like Buff which provide many free items including weapon skins.

Battle Pass:

The Battle Pass contains many free skins which can be unlocked by playing the game and progressing through it. Although you might not receive all the benefits of the premium pass, there are still a lot of free weapon skins to collect.

Agent Contracts:

Another source of free skins is the Agent Contracts. To get free skins this way, simply activate an Agent of choice and reach Tier 10 to claim the free skins.

Third Party Softwares:

Softwares like Buff and g-loot provide many rewards such as free gun skins for using their software while playing a game.

Watch Video, How to get free skins:

Prices of Valorant Skins:

Prices of the skins generally vary based on the tier and bundles; Select edition being the lowest and Exclusive being the highest. Here is a price list of the five different tiers:

EditionPrice in VP (Valorant Points)
Select875 1755
(Prices vary)

For bundles, the cost can be a little higher than the individual skins. Here are the costs of skins and bundles (per edition) in $USD:
Select Edition – $10 per skin and $ 41 per bundle.
Deluxe Edition – $16 per skin and $62 per bundle.
Premium Edition – $23 per skin and $82 per bundle.
Exclusive Edition – prices vary.
Ultra Edition – $30 per skin and $119 per bundle.

How to buy a Valorant skin?

Skins in Valorant can be bought or unlocked in 3 different ways. The most important place to look for that cool knife skin is in the in-game store itself which contains all the skins that you can buy. The Battle Pass is another way to get skins; you can either buy the premium Battle Pass or claim free skins while playing the game. Completing Agent Contracts can also be another way to get skins and the best part is that they are free.

The Store:

The most common place to look for skins is the store. The store has all the cosmetic items that can be bought at any time. Also, the store contains all the bundles which contain most of the skins in conjunction with other cosmetic items. Individual skins change every 24 hours however, it does not mean that the skins are lost forever. A skin generally never leaves the store.

Battle Pass:

The other way to obtain skins is by completing Battle Pass Challenges or simply progressing through the Battle Pass. However, it is important to note that there are free skins in the free Battle Pass and exclusive skins in the Premium Battle Pass. Every new Battle Pass contains unique skins for 13 guns and melee weapons that follow the theme of that “act”.

Agent Contracts:

The third way to get a Valorant skin is by completing Agent Contracts. The Agent Contracts can be completed by simply playing the game and reaching a Tier 10 of the Battle Pass.

Top 10 Valorant Gun and Knife Skins to buy in 2022

There are many weapon skins to choose from in Valorant if you want to enrich your inventory. Although they might not drastically change your gameplay, the style points are sure to go up. So if you have some Radianite points or Valorant Points to spare, here are the 10 best skins that you can buy in 2022.

1. ION (Operator)


The ION bundle in general has an aquatic Antlants-ish look. The simple minimal design, especially on the Operator, can make it pop amongst the vibrance of Valorant. The sound effects of ION are not the best in its class but it is no less than any other skins out there. This skin has a price of 1775 VP.

2. PRIME (Vandal)

PRIME (Vandal)
PRIME (Vandal)

Primes are one the best slick-looking skins out there. The Prime skin on the Vandal makes it even better as it makes the sound quieter and the bullets more visible. This makes the gun more manageable while keeping a low sound profile for each shot. The Prime Vandal costs 1775 VP.

3. ELDERFRAME (Operator/Frenzy)

ELDERFRAME (Operator/Frenzy)
ELDERFRAME (Operator/Frenzy)

Whether you are a Frenzy player or an Operator player, Elderframe will make your weapons look absolutely otherworldly. The design is completely out of a fantasy world like The Game of Thrones. So if you are a GOT fan and want to fire bullets through a dragon’s mouth, Elderframe is a must-pick. The Elderframe Operator costs 2475 VP.

4. FORSAKEN (Spectre)

FORSAKEN (Spectre)
FORSAKEN (Spectre)

This is probably the best skin to pick for the Spectre. The flashy golden vibes and silver vibes make the Spectre look straight out of a medieval castle. Although the glory of Spectre is not the same as it used to be, it still deserves the respect and good reasons. The Forsaken Spectre costs 1775 VP.

5. MAGEPUNK (Marshall)

MAGEPUNK (Marshall)
MAGEPUNK (Marshall)

The Magepunk skins come straight out of steampunk fantasy. It is almost impossible to differentiate between the Marshall and the Operator if Magepunk is equipped to it. This is hands down one of the best skins for the Marshall. The Magepunk Marshall costs 1775 VP.

6. PRIME 2.0 (Karambit)

PRIME 2.0 (Karambit)
PRIME 2.0 (Karambit)

This is one of the most sought-after knives in the game.  The sleek look based on real Karambit makes it even more desirable. The color combination of gold, and silver with a black handle makes a unique knife skin. The Prime 2.0 Karambit costs 3550 VP.



This is a fun melee weapon with some unique animations. The player can be seen using it as a normal Chinese fan but near an enemy, it becomes a deadly weapon for slicing. It comes at a price tag of 3550 VP.



This is one of the earliest melee skins in the game but it still lives up to its name. It has a stunning design with a blue hint of glow on the outside of the blade. This classic melee weapon costs 3550 VP and is still a fan favourite.



This is the signature knife skin of the Magepunk collection. It has a steampunk aesthetic which might not be digestible at first but soon will become your go-to. This stunning knife skin costs 4350 VP.



This is yet another unique knife skin with a crescent shape. This is a part of the Origin bundle which has a price of 4350 Vp. This knife has a unique design and a sleek design with green linings on the edges which is sure to make some eyes glare.

How to Unlock Knife and Melee Skins in Valorant?

The Battle Pass often contains a knife skin which can be unlocked by reaching a certain tier.
For example, the rare and exclusive Kingdom melee knife, which was the first free melee weapon in Valorant was released in the first act.
However, if you were unable to unlock the skins they are not lost forever. These knife skins return to the store and are in rotation on a daily basis. You can check the stores frequently for knife skins.

How to buy rare and exclusive skins and bundles in Valorant?

The skins and bundles which were released in the early days of the game such as the Prime Collection, Kingdom Collection, and Melee knife might not make a return to the store. So you might not be able to buy them again.
However, there might be some new iterations of these rare and exclusive skins coming soon which you will be able to buy.


Buying a gun skin in Valorant is very easy. You can either complete the Battle Pass challenges which contain free and exclusive skins. You can also buy weapon skins from the in-game store which contains rare skins and bundles. However, keep an eye out for your favorite gun skin in store as it rotates every 24 hours.

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