Kovaaks Vs AimLab: Which is The Best Aim Trainer? [UPDATED]

FPS games are trendy now. There are hundreds of FPS games on the internet. To play these games you need to keep your aiming and aiming-related skills high. To do that, aim trainers will help you. Like hundreds of FPS games, you will find countless aim trainers. But, among all of them, the Kovaaks and the Aim Lab are the best. But, gamers are not satisfied, they need more sharp detail about it. Which aim trainer is the best between Kovaaks and Aim Lab. For those sharp gamers. We arrange a comparison, Kovaaks Vs AimLab. by reading this comparison article, you will know which one is the best. Also, you can decide which one will be best for you.

Subscription of Kovaaks Vs AimLab

Not all gamers have the ability to spend real money on a game. But gamer who earn from gaming spends as much as they need.

You have to pay real money to do a subscription to Kovaaks. To start the training on Kovaaks, you need $10. Where’s Aim Lab is free to play.

Game Profiles

Game profiles are important in aim trainers. If you can not get the feeling of playing such a game then you can relate to the performance? Think you are practicing Valorant, if the game profile of your current aim trainer is not similar to valiant then you can’t improve your performance.

From this point of view, Aim Lab is first. Aim Lab is giving you thirty different game profiles whereas Kovaaks is offering the highest four to five game profiles.

You just have to click on the drop-down menu of game profile in Aim Lab, all the 30 game profile lists will be open. Choose your needed one.

Exercise Variety

Come to the biggest part of the comparison. Aim Lab offers six different exercises or training for every newbie. They are tracking, Flicking, precision, speed, cognition, and perception.

These six training are primary. There is more exercise after that. As you know we mentioned in the previous point, Aim Lab gives you thirty different game profiles. The six training is available for those thirty games which you would be given to practice.

On the other side, Kovaaks won’t offer you a specific particular number of courses. Kovaaks is a place where you can create your needed exercise. You can create 15,000 or even more than 15,000 exercises by yourself. Just think how insane is Kovaaks. The endless levels with endless exercises will make you the mad max of aiming. No other gives as much training as Kovaaks.

Leaderboard Comparison

Kovaaks vs AimLab, both of them have their leaderboard. After you complete a rank or practice, the point will add to your leaderboard. It will show you the top scorers and the number you belong to on the leaderboard.

Aimlab Leaderboard Comparison

Aim Lab won’t show you on the leaderboard until you are a top scorer. But the advantage of Aim Lab is it shows the leaderboard with more details than Kovaaks. Aim Lab shows Score, accuracy, time to kill, kills, targets and kills per second.

Kovaaks will show you on the leaderboard even if you are not a top scorer. That is a plus point. But, it won’t mention all the details data like Aim Lab. Kovaaks will show only rank, accuracy and score.

Leaderboard Analysis

Weapons view models

The weapons overview in Aim Lab is better than Kovaaks. In Aim Lab you will find a proper combination and variety of weapons. Even though the weapon view models are not so effective in training but if you are a weapon lover then it is for you.

Customizing your training with your favorite weapons, training with them, and mastering them for your fps training is important. Games like Call Of Duty, CS: GO or Valorant prefer this feature. Competitive games are based on weapon variety.

Speed And Loading Times

In that speed and loading sector, Aim Lab and Kovaaks are competing hard. None of them is slow. But, there have some issues in Aim Lab. Application opening and closing times are more than Kovaaks.

If you observe in the field gaming experience, Aim Lab is not bad in responding fast clicking. Launching and switching on the command of click is very satisfying. But, still, there has some animation delay on it.

Which you won’t find in Kovaaks. There has been no animation delay, a quick and accurate response on command. Also, fast at switching among the pieces of training.

Map customization

Kovaaks and Aim Lab, both of the aim trainers give you the chance to customize the map. You can change the metallicness of the map, and change the color with the environmental capacity and texture of it also. But there Aim Lab gives one more option called skybox. In Aim Lab, you can change it.

There has a simple difference. In Aim Lab, you can customize all these mentioned options from the main menu. But, on the other side, Kovaaks give you the chance to make it change anytime.

Think you are in the middle of the training, the current environment is disturbing you to concentrate. You can change it immediately. From this perspective, Kovaaks is giving you more advantages than Aim Lab.

Final Hearing

Kovaaks and Aim Lab both of them are experts in their job. If you think you want to improve your tracking skill, and reflexing skills and also want to improve speed up your aiming capability, then Aim Lab will be best for you.

But, if you need more than these things, Kovaaks could be your first choice. From the perspective of overall observation, Kovaak’s is better than Aim Lab. which means, Kovaaks is the best FPS Aim Trainer between Kovaaks vs Aim Lab.

Video Credit:  Shakes


After all these head-to-head comparisons of Kovaaks Vs AimLab, we can see that the winner is Kovaaks. Aim training is not only about aiming, you need to focus on all the parts of it. So, do not rely just only on this judgment. Watch over the comparison, and decide what you need to practice more. Then decide which aim trainer is best for you.

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