How To Claim Warframe Twitch Prime Loot In Game 2022

Many online multiplayer games have lots of items, weapons, or features that are made for premium players. Like many games, Warframe also has Twitch Prime premium loot. Twitch gives it’s premium subscription users a loot cart/box for marketing and promotion reasons. They offer many unique and rare items in these loot carts/boxes.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to claim Warframe Twitch Prime loot in-game. Reading the full article will help you understand what Twitch Prime Loot offers, and how to claim it.

What is Twitch Prime Loot?


Twitch Prime loot is a premium feature made by Amazon, that gives its premium users exclusive items, weapons, skins, and accessories. Twitch Prime gives these loots for many online games and Warframe is one of them. Warframe collabed with Twitch Prime and offers this exclusive stuff. If you want these Twitch Prime loot then you need to buy Twitch Prime.

After buying Twitch Prime for yourself, you can then enjoy your Twitch Prime loot box/cart every month. Twitch Prime loot offers you various exclusive content in many games. When you claim a loot on the Twitch Prime website, the time that you claimed will automatically be transferred to you.

What Warframe Twitch Prime Loot Offers?

Warframe Twitch Prime loot offers lots of exclusive items, weapons, skins, and accessories. Right after you buy Twitch Prime, you will receive lots of Warframe Twitch Prime exclusive packs. These packs include the Dragon Mod Pack, this pack gives you 5 random Warframe mods with 2 rare mods that are guaranteed. They will also give you the Stezia Sumbha Syandana that will be added to your Arsenal.

You will also receive monthly Warframe Twitch Prime loot that has many items including Warframe Credits, Warframe Arcanes, and exclusive decorations. Twitch has also offered many more exclusive items in the future.

How Can I Claim Warframe Twitch Prime Loot?

Claim Warframe Twitch Prime Loot

Below we have listed the steps on how you can claim your Warframe Twitch Prime loots. Follow the steps one by one so don’t skip anything:

  • The first step is to Link your Warframe and Prime Gaming account to the Warframe Amazon link page.
  • You have to claim your Twitch Prime rewards on the official Prime Gaming
  • You have to launch the game and have to redeem your rewards.
  • Lastly, you have to visit your Twitch Prime every month, so you can claim exclusive rewards.

Where Should My Twitch Prime Loot be?

If you want to find your Twitch Prime Loot then first you need to visit Twitch. After you are on the Twitch website log in to your Twitch Prime account. Now click the crown icon next to the notification icon. Here you will see many games that have Twitch Prime Loot available.

After choosing Warframe, you will get two options, ‘Claim Loot’ and ‘Claim Now’. Both of them will lead you to claim the time you want. After that, you have to go in-game to claim all your rewards.


Twitch is an online streaming service that also offers games rewards as “loot” for their premium users called Twitch Prime. In this article, we have discussed how you can claim Warfare Twitch Prime loot in the game. We have also discussed what this loot is, how it works, and how you can find them. We hope this article will be helpful on how you can claim Warfare Twitch Prime loot and everything related to it. Read more New Warframe Promo Codes

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