Apex Legends Frame Drops In 2022 , Troubleshoot It In No Time

Apex Legends Frame Drops In 2022 , Troubleshoot It In No Time

When you love to play first-person shooter games, Apex Legend must be on your list. It is a very popular battle royale game, there are millions of downloads of this game and purchase online that make it on the wishlist of millions of players. Here I will tell you about the Apex legends frame drops and the solution. So, stay tuned.

Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment and associated with Electronic Arts tells you the game quality and standard. The most amazing thing is, that there are a lot of paid shooting games that you need to buy first, it is quite a blessing that it is free of cost.

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Apex Legends frame drops issues

It is a very popular game and downloaded more than 50 million times now! If it has a bug or issue, then it is a must it should be fixed. A lot of users face the frame drops issue in this game, and it impacts the fame performance. The player faces several types of trouble then. So, I will tell you the process of how to solve the frame drops issues.

You may see scrambled detail, can miss the environment and light issues in the game, and also miss an important shot on the enemy! So, this issue is very crucial and we need to solve it to have a good gaming experience.

There are several types of troubleshooting, such as adjusting screen resolution, graphics card settings, and other game settings. So, it will not be a tough task to get it done.



Troubleshooting Alex Legends frame drops issues

Now we will talk about all possible issues and the solving process. Check the solutions, I have discussed below.

A common process to fix Apex Legends Frame Drops

At first, we will see if the computer monitor screen resolution is in the right order? If not the game will not load and while playing it will lose frames. The process is as below:

  • Right-click on your desktop screen and then click on personalize
  • Then go to display settings
  • Now adjust your Screen Resolution
  • If the game is a high resolution one uses a higher resolution for better results

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Modify GPU drivers

If you are an Intel user and have an Nvidia GPU driver then just modify the settings as it works fine with the game.

  • You need to download the GPU driver.
  • Then install the Nvidia GeForce experience
  • Just select the Driver option and then install the required one that suits Apex Legends

What happens when you own an AMD GPU? You need to adjust the settings to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

  • When you are using a desktop, go to the Radeon Settings.
  • There you will find the Update- button, then click on the apply button.
  • If you do not find it, it is in the bottom left corner of the window
  • You will get new updates and modify the drivers

Adjusting Graphics Settings in Game

Apex Legends you can play in both high and low resolution. So, it will depend on your PC configuration and GPU capacity which one you should choose. When you have a low configuration GPU or built-in GPU you should go for low resolution and if you have a good one, just go for the higher end.

  • Start the Apex Legends game
  • Go to the Settings option and then find the Video settings
  • Here you can increase and lower the texture streaming, so, it will help you to adjust
  • Generally, for frame loss, you should lower the setting
  • If the problem does not solve, try this several times.

Adjust Cap Frame Rate

Cap frame rate is another possible factor that may cause frame loss issues. So, here I will explain how to adjust the cap frame rate.

  • For adjusting, you have to open the Origin function
  • Then open the Game Library option
  • You will find Apex Legends- there
  • Then right-click on it and then select Game Properties
  • Then go to Advanced feature and set it to 60 fps
  • If it is lower or higher, bring it to 60 fps, that may solve the problem

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Setup Anti Cheat Priority

Still, have issues? Now you can try the Anti Cheat priority feature. You have to do it from the inside settings of the game.

  • At first start the Apex Legends game
  • Then Press the command ctrl+shift+esc
  • Then the Task manager will appear
  • Click on the Details – tab, there you will find the option for anti-cheat that you need to edit.
  • Right-click on it and set it to Low
  • It will set the priority to Low

Setup Anti Cheat Priority

It might be tiring to go through several processes but to fix the issue, there are several matters. The overlay application works in the background, which keeps your PC loaded. So, we need to look at the matter too. You will find apps like MS Team, Whatsapp, Discord, and other programs that run behind your game.

Not only these communication apps, but they’re also are other service apps that create complications for PC performance, and those are OBS studio, ReLive, Voicemeeter, Skype, Somiibo, Geforce Experience, Afterburner, and many more. So, you can close unwanted applications to make RAM free for your game.

Restart your PC

It is a common trick we all do when any software or game is not working. We can just restart the full system to get rid of unwanted interruptions and other issues. So, you can give it a try for smooth performance.

Modify GPU setting to fix Apex Legends Frame Drops

Do you know, in some cases, your GPU stays idle on your PC? And you cannot play games or get any benefit from it! So, you ensure your GPU is operational. I am telling you the process.

  • Start your PC and then right-click on Desktop
  • Then select n the Nvidia Control Panel- option
  • You then change the setting for High-performance Nvidia Processor and then click on Apply button
  • You can also add your Game here, just click on the program settings
  • Then press- Add button and add Apex Legends there and Select the function- High-performance Nvidia Processor, then apply the setting.

Last few words

It is really embarrassing and heartbreaking when you face the Apex legends frame drops issues. I have shared all my knowledge and ideas with you to share and resolve your problem. You will no more face the problem and enjoy the Apex Legends as much as you need.

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