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New Aimlab Ranks, System And Rank Distribution (October 2022), How It Works And More

Are you searching for content to understand the aimlab ranks and its stuff? Well, you came into the right place. This article will discuss the Aimlab Ranking system, its distribution, and how the aim lab ranks work.

Aimlab Ranking System:

First of all, let’s talk about the Aim lab Rank System. Aimlabs is an aim training game that helps gamers improve their aim.

Almost sixteen million gamers play this mode to improve their aiming. Most of the Valorant players use aimlab for practicing aim. From this perspective, aimlabs ranks to Valorant and valorant rank distribution are truly important.

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The aim labs have a rank system, which helps mark how expert a gamer is in his aim. There are nine different rank tiers in the aim labs rank system. Aimlab rankings are divided into 9 tiers. They are,

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Ruby
  6. Emerald
  7. Diamond
  8. Master
  9. Grandmaster

These ranks are based on tiers. Each of the aim lab ranks has four tiers. Like, we are talking about Bronze rank right now. Bronze aim lab ranks have four tiers. They are Bronze 4, Bronze 3, Bronze 2 and Bronze 1.

Just like that, all aimlab ranks have four tiers. Among all aimlabs rank tiers, the lowest or worst rank is Bronze 1. And the highest or best rank is Grandmaster 1. These ranks will help you define yourself and how expert you are in aiming.

All this rank has a point table. You will gain points after surpassing a certain rank. If you reach the lowest rank, Bronze 4 rank, you will get 250 points. If you reach the highest rank, Grandmaster 1, you will gain 990 points.

Now you can ask a question. How to rank up in aimlab? Well, your skill card helps to rank up in aimlab. So, if you want to rank up in aimlab ranks, you have to increase your aiming capability.

The scorecard system of the aim lab gives directions to the majority of players. So that, they can stay more focused on their weak part of the aim. That is all about the aimlab ranking system.

Aimlab Rank Distribution 2022

A player needs to know about the aimlabs rank distribution. How will you reach your goal if you don’t see the rank distribution?

For your knowing purpose, we are giving the current aimlabs rank distribution. That means you will know the aim lab rank distribution for 2022.

In the previous part, we knew about the lowest and highest ranks. But, below it, we give you all the information you need to know.

Aimlab Rank Table by points:

Aimlab ranks consist of tiers. Each tier has 4 levels, 1 Being the highest. Your tier + your level is your rank.

Bronze 4 is the worst Aimlab rank and Grandmaster 1 is the best Aimlab rank. Here is the tier point table for your better understanding.

Aimlab Ranking
Bronze Tier
Bronze 4250
Bronze 3260
Bronze 2270
Bronze 1280
Silver Tier
Silver 4290
Silver 3300
Silver 2310
Silver 1320
Gold Tier
Gold 4340
Gold 3360
Gold 2380
Gold 1400
Platinum Tier
Platinum 4420
Platinum 3440
Platinum 2460
Platinum 1470
Ruby Tier
Ruby 4500
Ruby 3530
Ruby 2560
Ruby 1590
Emerald Tier
Emerald 4620
Emerald 3650
Emerald 2660
Emerald 1690
Diamond Tier
Diamond 4720
Diamond 3750
Diamond 2780
Diamond 1810
Master Tier
Master 4840
Master 3870
Master 2900
Master 1930
Grandmaster Tier
Grandmaster 4960
Grandmaster 3970
Grandmaster 2980
Grandmaster 1990

Caution, The given rank distribution is the latest distribution of aim lab rank. Don’t be fooled by others.

How the Aimlab ranking system works

The ranking system of the aim lab is easy to understand. As we said before, your current rank is the combination of your skill cards.

These cards are helping you to surpass the ranks. That means those cards are making your ranks.

But, there is a question, if you need to increase your rank, do you need more skill cards. Right? Then how and where you will achieve skill card?

Well, notice the measurements. The aimlab rank gives you a specific point after surpassing a rank. If you noticed the previous part, you saw there the rank distribution.

There we mentioned the points you would get after reaching a rank. For all the points you gained, gather them for making a skill card. Make the skill card for the topic you are primarily weak.

There is so many skill that is hard to master. Some of the challenging skills are, Circleshot, Strafetrack, Circle track, Blinkshot, Ninja shot, Freetrack, Trafeshot, etc.

So, if you think you are weak in any of these, you can turn your points into these skill card. You will find your skill card scores under your data profile and then go to the skill. For data profile, you have to register first in aimlab rank.

You will get the process of converting skill card scores into skill cards.

So many popular aim training games like kovaak’s follow the ranking system of aim lab. If you read the article correctly, you won’t have any doubts about the knowledge of the aim trainer’s rank system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has the highest score in Aimlab?

On 6 June 2022, mevokk is the highest scorer in aimlab. His Score is 109,152, Targets 310, Kills 307, Kills per second 5.12, Accuracy 95.3%, and reaction time 191ms. this position is not fixed for someone. it’s rolling by user performance.

How do I get ranked in Aimlab?

As you might have seen already, we’ve given a loved rank system a complete overhaul. These changes mean that your rank will better reflect your current skill level.

But we know a lot of you are curious about how you’re actually assessed in each category.

Part of why we made this update is to encourage more training without the stress of the ranking. Previously, your score in a given category was the median of your last 100 plays in that category, which meant that it could take a good while to see any improvements in your rank, and you could even D rank if your performance deteriorated.

This didn’t feel conducive to a goal of helping players improve, so we went with a different approach. The new system now takes the average of the top five plays from your most recent 100 plays in each category.

We’ve also updated the rank progression visuals, so you will now see not only your current rank but also how far away your next rank is. With all these updates, you’ll probably want to show off your stats and flex on your friends.

The newly designed Profile tab now displays your player card showing your overall rank your rank in each of the six categories, and also your strengths and weaknesses. We also wanted to highlight the achievement of ranking up.

Whenever you rank up after a task, you’ll see a celebratory screen that congratulates you on your improvement. Hard work deserves applause and we expect we’ll be seeing this screen a lot.

And finally, some of you may be wondering why your profile doesn’t show a rank. This means you haven’t played tasks in each of the six categories.

From the Tasks menu. Under the training tab, you can look through the tasks by category and once you play through enough tasks in each category, you’ll be given an overall rank ranging from bronze to grandmaster.

What is Ruby rank in Aimlab?

The “Average” ranking in Aim Lab is Ruby, Emerald is one step up from Ruby. Average means when you hang around 50% on all tasks, which is Platinum. Right now, the average is Ruby III, which represents the 50th percentile.

Is Aimlab good for Valorant?

Yes, but I believe that playing DM will help you improve your gameplay a lot faster if you’re just starting started. It can also help you calibrate your sensitivity if you’re new to PC tac FPS. There are numerous guides available on YouTube for this.


The moral of the article is, that the rank of aimlabs is open for players of all levels so that anyone can master it. You know the aim lab’s ranking system depends on skill card and skill card scores.

You just have to convert your skill card scores into skill card. But make sure you convert your skill card points into the skill card you need. Convert the points into the skill card you are weak most.

That was all about the aim lab ranks, aim lab ranking system, and its works. We discussed all the topics you need to know. This content will help you if you read it correctly.

If you not, you won’t get the whole thing about aim lab ranks and its stuff.

Tips: We saw so many players who can not rank up in aim lab. They get stuck into a rank for a long time. People who don’t have proper gripes on their mouse and don’t have proper control over the mouse, need to try hard to rank up in aim lab.

So, make sure your mouse is comfortable for playing aimlab. Anyway, you can read about Aimlab leaderboard here.

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