6 Things You Want in a Laptop as a Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad, you are pretty limited when it comes to computer options. In other words, you cannot really commit to a desktop computer because of constant traveling.

A laptop is the way to go, but even then, choosing one for yourself can be tricky due to how many options there are in the market. Not to mention that you might also be interested in something other than work. Entertainment, such as video games and streaming media, could be on the agenda as well.

Sure, a lot comes down to one’s budget. The more money you can spend, the better your options. But even those with a relatively low budget can find a decent option. 

Going for something like a second-hand laptop is a consideration, but you are likely to deal with technical issues quite often if you get a used computer, so buying a brand-new one makes more sense.

To help you narrow down the list of potential laptops, you should pay attention to certain specifications and features. Those are mentioned below.

Accessory Compatibility

Let’s start with a thing that might not seem too obvious at first, but it becomes pretty clear as soon as you run into potential problems.

Not all laptops are compatible with every possible accessory, and it is something to take into consideration. 

You can use a laptop by itself just fine, but the odds are that you will want to get a few accessories to compliment the setup. 

A computer mouse is arguably the first accessory that comes to mind. Usually, those are compatible with virtually all the laptops, so you do not have to worry there. However, if you were to get a portable charger or a USB flash drive, consider whether the laptop has the right port.

Even a cooling pad can be a bit problematic dimension-wise, and a similar thing applies to messenger bags or laptop sleeves that are too large or too small.

Enough Storage

Depending on your work, you might need to get a decent amount of storage on the device. Carrying an external HDD with you while traveling is a hassle, and paying for cloud storage adds up to expenses.

Given that, it is better to get a laptop that offers enough storage. The integrated drive should cover your needs. At the same time, you also need to be smart about how you manage storage, including regular drive cleanup to eliminate clutter and redundant data.

Reliable Battery

A reliable battery is a bit tricky. Thankfully, modern laptop models are pretty great when it comes to battery lifespans. You do not need to charge the laptop as often. 

In case you run into battery-related problems, it is recommended that you follow the link that redirects you to the right source. 

Overall, though, you should be fine battery-wise so long as your laptop is not too outdated. And so long as there is access to an electrical outlet, using the laptop should not be a problem. After all, even if you are traveling and working, finding an electrical outlet is not an issue unless you are in some remote location disconnected from civilization. 

Compactness and Durability

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the laptop, the worse it is supposed to perform. Even with modern technology, it is hard to put small hardware pieces that would be powerful. And even if such a thing is available, expect to pay a premium price.

Nevertheless, having a small laptop makes it easier to travel as you do not have to worry about your luggage taking as much space.

Now, as far as the durability goes, even if you are quite careful with handling your things, the odds are that you might still accidentally drop the laptop and damage it. Not to mention that there are others who could lead to an accident. 

Again, modern laptops are manufactured with durability in mind, so small accidents should not be too bad, but you still need to be extra careful. If you can, get more than just a messenger bag. A protective laptop sleeve is worth a shout as well.

Decent Screen Size

A decent screen size-wise is not a problem for some, but there are plenty of people who prefer to have a large screen on their computer.

Of course, with laptops, one of the drawbacks is that you cannot really expect to experience a screen size like you would on a desktop computer’s monitor. And the larger the screen, the larger the laptop itself.

This is probably one of the areas where you will need to compromise unless you manage to find a good deal that meets your screen size expectations.

Performing Processor

The last thing to consider is the processor. Even if you are not using resource-heavy software for your work, it still feels nice to have a laptop that runs smoothly.

Hardware capabilities are determined by the price, meaning that if you do not have that much money to invest, you will likely end up with a lackluster processor in your laptop.

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