About Us

Wisdom Gaming is a team of esports enthusiasts who have been working hard for the past few years. We are working to build the most comprehensive and well-updated Esports News Portal and Media Website in the industry. We believe better information ensures a fair and healthy competitive gaming environment.

Who Are We?

We are a group of dedicated enthusiasts that want to create an online portal that covers everything related to esports. We do this because we believe that better information leads to more informed and educated professionals, ultimately leading to better regulated and policed gaming environments.

Wisdom Gaming is committed to providing our readers with comprehensive coverage from multiple sources, including pro players, publishers, analysts, streamers, casters, and many others. We expect this coverage will give our customers a unique look into the world of professional gaming.

What Is Our Mission?

Wisdom Gaming aims to provide the industry with the most comprehensive and well-updated Esports News Portal. In doing so, we hope to provide our readers with valuable information and insight into the latest happenings within the competitive gaming scene.

From our content strategy to our technical development, we are dedicated to providing the best possible content for our readers. We will always offer timely coverage of tournament prize money, player salaries and even important stories that may not be covered elsewhere.

Our primary goal is to provide a platform where anyone can access the most current information and insight on everyone in the industry. If a website provides insightful, accurate information about its target audience, it’ll be able to attract new customers and generate revenue from those customers.

Why Wisdom Gaming?

Wisdom Gaming is an independent esports news site. If you are looking for a place where you can find all the latest information on everything related to the industry, Wisdom Gaming may be what you’re looking for. Our team of writers works hard every day to deliver the best they can, so we hope you’ll like what we offer.

What Makes Us Different?

The esports industry is changing, and so are gamers. Many more people are getting involved every day, and as we look to the future, there will be many new challenges and players in the market. We have identified these challenges and learned from past experiences of other organizations who attempted to solve them.

  • Understanding the Industry

Our staff has each had different backgrounds and experiences in this industry. It makes our group of highly knowledgeable writers unique and informative.

Our articles are created by our staff who have worked in the industry or are based on news stories.

Our strategy is to use a blend of these two sources to provide excellent information that will benefit our readers. It’s an honor to get to help this way, and we look forward to working in this capacity for many years.

  • Overcoming Challenges

As our website develops, we want to ensure that it keeps at the forefront of innovation and excellence within the industry. We intend to implement technologies that add value for our readers.

We will also be evaluating and adapting to changes in our customer base to ensure we continue delivering what they want.

  • Constant Improvement

With the rapid increase in league sizes and the number of teams and players, we must continue working hard to stay ahead of our competitors. We will always strive to produce quality news, accurate information, and relevant insight.

We aspire to become one of the most comprehensive esports news sites on the planet while offering an excellent customer experience.

  • Reliability And Trustworthiness

The esports industry is changing daily, establishing new business models that struggle with reliability and trustworthiness. We will demonstrate our reliability and trustworthiness through the integrity of our news content and the people that produce it.

The best possible information can only be delivered by those who are well-informed on the topic at hand. We will try to provide all of this while taking professionalism seriously.

  • Add Value For Our Readers

We will be adding value to esports fans every day. One way we can do this is by innovating our advancements and technologies. We want to establish ourselves as a leader in esports news and news portals while ensuring that our writers understand the players, teams, tournaments, leagues and events they’re covering. We believe this sets us apart from many other sites on the web today.

  • Quality And Unique Content

We are committed to covering everything related to the industry through quality information written by experienced writers who cover all aspects of the esports industry, from players and teams to tournament prize money, player salaries, and even essential stories that may not be covered elsewhere.

Our Ethics

Our ethics is to provide the most insightful and helpful information possible. We will do this by providing at least daily articles covering a wide range of topics. Our strategy is to give our customers enough information to form their opinions and make decisions.

We believe in the free market economy, which means it doesn’t matter what you think if you buy something. We work hard to maintain a high level of professionalism and reliability in all that we do.

We hold ourselves to very high standards to ensure that we provide the best quality information possible with all of our products, whether it be news, images, or video clips. We have worked hard over many years to become knowledgeable about our topics.

We always strive to stay up to date with any information we post to the public because someone else may always know more than you. We will only report on information that has been confirmed and verified by qualified sources. Contact us to learn more about our process.


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